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Tru-Flow Systems manufactures TAS gypsum kettles.  These kettles boast the highest efficiency in the industry at 750,000BTU/ton.  These kettles are manufactured in three main sizes: 10', 12', & 15'.  Every kettle is manufactured to the highest standard that has been expected from TAS kettles for the past 38 years.  New welding processes and quality control procedures have been producing a better product than ever before.  Ask about our New Generation Kettle!


Gypsum Calcining Kettle completed going to GermanyGypsum Calcining Kettle completed going to Germany



This kettle has just recently come out of the design and testing phase and it now ready to go to the full scale prototyping phase.  This new kettle design will produce the lowest amount of anhydrous gypsum (dead burn) and will have the lowest BTU/ton of any calciner in the world.  Testing estimates put this calciner at 150,000 to 200,000BTU/ton with throughput values up to 100ton/HR.  The footprint of this kettle will be significantly smaller than existing kettles.  The 100ton/hr model will utilize the same footprint as a current 15' kettle.  There will also be other features on the new kettle that are just not possible with the current kettle designs.





Tru-Flow Systems manufactures TAS Accelerant Ball Mills.  The mills are a very specialized product for gypsum wall board manufacturers to produce gypsum accelerant.  These ball mills boast throughputs up to 1,000lbs/hr at 10,000 blaine.   These mills are a water cooled stationary jacket mill; meaning the outer shell of the mill does not rotate so there is no need for auxiliary guarding.  The mill is designed to produce high quality accelerant and keep said accelerant below calcining temperatures of 140° F.  This creates a very stable material.


26" Accelerant Ball Mill Completed Going to Canada26" Accelerant Ball Mill Completed Going to Canada



Tru-Flow Systems manufactures TAS Coal Systems.  These coal systems are unique in the industry.  The system consists of a micronizing mill and a burner.  The micronizing mill is a multi-stage grinding mill capable of 80% passing 325mesh up to 5ton/hr.  The burner is a refractory less design that can be modificed to fit into any system wether that be a boiler, dryer, or heater.  The burner has a turn down ratio of 10:1 and the mill and burner are linked together so that ground coal storage is not necessary.  The air required to convey the ground coal to the burner is kept at a minimum to increase the safety of the system.  In most cases the burner produces a self sustaining flame.


Burner firing into an aggregate dryerBurner firing into an aggregate dryer

 Complete system operating at an asphalt plantComplete system operating at an asphalt plant

Specialty Furnaces

Tru-Flow Systems manufactures unique melting furnaces for the precious metals industry.  Our product line ranges from standard refractory end load furnaces to special lining TBRC type furnaces to crucible furnaces.  We understand the needs in the precious metals industry to maximize recovery in their operations, but this recovery can come at a cost and that cost is usually the furnace lining.  In situations where fluxes such as soda ash and borax are used the options for furnace linings are minimal.  Also, furnace design is limited when fluxes are used.  We have developed two furnaces that address the extreme conditions associated with precious metals recovery.  These two furnaces are a special lining TBRC and a unique crucible furnace.  The TBRC is not a new furnace but we have design one that has a replaceable lining.  This lining can be replaced without removing the furnace.  Our crucible furnace is just what it sounds but it does more.  The crucible is not a standard clay graphite or silicon carbide; both of which cannot withstand flux of any kind.  The furnace has a special geometry that allows for quick melting.  The furnace is also tilting for evacuation of the melt.  We can design around any constraint and need.  We also have an end load furnace for recovery operations.  This is a non-replaceable liner.  It is hydraulic driven for mixing and dump.  More about these furnaces is found on our other website

Burner Fuel Heater

In order to properly use waste oil or heavy oil as a heat source it must be heated.  This decreases its viscosity and makes atomization better and increases pump-ability.  Most waste oil storage tanks have heating coils mounted in them, whether they be electric or hot oil; however, using these elements to heat the oil to the proper atomization temperature is considered grossly inefficient and unnecessary.  The solution to this is to heat only the amount being sent to the burner.  The elements are good for maintaining the tank at a low temperature to provide pump-ability but overheating the tanks can cause a lot of volatiles in the fuel and lower the BTU content or carbonize the fuel.  Tru-Flow Systems manufactures a product for heating of waste oil and heavy fuel oil as previously stated.  This unit uses a thermal oil source to heat only the required amount of fuel going to the burner.  These units are calld Burner Fuel Polishers.

TFS-BFP Model 520 
(shown with all options)TFS-BFP Model 520 (shown with all options)