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5-Axis Adjustable Coal Gun Burner Mount

We have designed many different items through the years.  This Adjustable Burner Mount is one that had some very unique properties.  In a cement kiln the main source of heat is usually a large pulverized coal fired burner.  These burners can be as mush as 40ft (12m) long.  That is why they are called gun burners.  They also need to be adjustable where they are mounted in the kiln.  Aiming of the burner must be precise and simple so that the kiln can be as efficient as possible.  We have designed a few different mounts for various coal burners.  The mount shown was one of the biggest and most complex because of all of the space restrictions.  This mount holds a 6 ton burner, is on an overhead trolley system so the burner can be removed easily for servicing, offers 12°  of vertical pitch adjustment, 12in (304mm) of horizontal movement, of roll compensation and holds a burner that has a center of gravity well out in front of the front mount.  This gave a target range as measured at the end of the burner of around 15ft (4.5m) square.