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Coke Hopper

We have built many hoppers and holding bins through the years.  We tried out a some liner techniques that we hadn't tried before.  We were trying to combat material filling in behind the liners.  This hopper was used to hold lump size coke for a large cupola furnace.  This meant it had to hold enough capacity so the loader didnt have to fill it very much and it also had to feed large lumps of coke.  This project was done with Conveyors & Equipment out of Salt Lake City.  We worked with them on the design, we fabricated, and they installed. 

Hopper laying upside-down ready for transportHopper laying upside-down ready for transport

3/8" Recycled UHMW Bolted Liners being welded at the corners3/8" Recycled UHMW Bolted Liners being welded at the corners