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Furnace Ruby Brick Repair

One of the fluxing furnaces that we build went through a flux chemistry change.  This recipe proved to be catastrophic for the castable refractory liner that was usually installed.  Life of the current liner was between 9 and 14 months.  The current liner was a 5% chrome oxide refractory.  After the recipe change the life went to 1 week.  It was decided to utilize some of the most corrosion resistant refractory brick available.  The first challenge was procuring the brick because these are not stock materials usually.  The second was how to minimize furnace downtime.  We created a furnace shell mock-up to lay the brick in the shop.  There also was a pour spout that had to be cut in.  We did the pour spout cut in our shop with our diamond core drill.  After the brick was fit they were numbered and palletized.  Only the bottom portion of the furnace need the repair.  The worn liner was then removed and the brick laid in place on-site.