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This was probably one of the most interesting projects that we had ever been involved with.  The US Army had contracted with Kobe Steel to provide a chemical munitions destruction chamber.  We had been involved in chemical demil for many years.  This process was interested in how the munitions were destroyed.  The chamber housed the munitions and a set amount of TNT.  The TNT was detonated thus destroying the munitions and any chemical agent contained therein.  Our job was to fabricate the piping that connected all of the equipment for this process.  For certain understandable reasons we don't have pictures of the piping installed onto the unit we do have pictures of the most unique spool of the project.  This spool came directly off of the chamber.  It had special flanges with a special surface finish.  The pipe was teflon coated on the interior.  We Also provided the installation of the piping for this project.  We helped set the equipment and then did a full dimension of each connection so that all the piping could be fabricated off-site and just bolted into place.  This was important since many pipes were teflon coated. 

The main pipe following a 3,500psi hydro testThe main pipe following a 3,500psi hydro test